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PROTOS is an established Engineering Services  company committed to the Development and Application of  novel Technologies for the Solution of problems and the Optimisation of existing procedures in the area of Structural Mechanics across the Space, Aeronautics, Automotive, Defence, Transport, Power and other Industries.

  • The Need for Out-Sourcing Services

It is a reality that many Industrial Firms can not keep up with the requirements that their evolving market trends impose on their In-House maintained Manpower, Core Capacity, Expertise and “Know-How”.

As a consequence more and more firms tend to sub-contract various parts of their Design, Analysis, Test, Qualification, Optimization and Trouble-Shooting activities of their Products Development to outside Engineering Consultancies.

 PROTOS are capable and equipped, through In-House Capacity and Strategic Alliances and Collaborations, to respond to their clients needs for the complete Design to Manufacturing process of their products. Overall therefore the client can allocate the complete or partial work packages to PROTOS who are then responsible for the realization  of the out-sourced project and deliver the final product.

PROTOS would perform the above out-sourced project tasks  through a dedicated assignment of one or more of our Consultants to this project. This dedicated assignment can be defined for a particular time duration or project stage. Our Consultants can perform their activities at either the client´s or PROTOS´s offices.

EADS-CASA Espacio and SENER, Tres Cantos in Madrid are companies that have used our Out-Sourcing Services.


Some of the Companies that PROTOS represent (Please click on icon to access web page):


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