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Design, Analysis and Manufacturing of Vibration Test Expander Fixture





Finite Element Model of a Vehicle Sump

Dynamic Measurements on a Train Wheel





Finite Element Model of Train Wheel for Test Analysis Correlation





Operational Vibro-Acoustic Tests on Metro Vehicle Air Conditioning Unit





Operational Defiormation Shapes from corresponding Tests on Metro Vehicle Air Conditioning Unit






Ariane - 5 Separation Shock Isolation Visco-Elastic Units Stiffness/Damping Tests at --- 90º C







Articulation Index Metric Calculations from Sound Quality Test


Damage Detection Methods based on Artificial Neural Networks









Market forces of the 21st  century call for the production of robust, well engineered, minimal cost, first-to-market products. Industry presented with these strict and challenging requirements are facing the need for the implementation of state of the art optimization practices along the complete product development and manufacturing  cycle. 

 PROTOS´s proven expertise and capacity can assist  clients with their day to day challenges and aspirations  in the tasks related to product development : 


The following sections outline the global content of these activities in the Computer Aided Engineering product Qualification and Acceptance process.  The same engineering process is applicable to every kind of product that its working environment dictates a qualification against similar inputs i.e. :

i) Static Loads

ii) Dynamic Vibrational Loads

iii) Dynamic Acoustic Loads

iv) Dynamic Shock Loads ( Crash, Pyrotechnic)

v) Thermal Loads,



Conceptual and  Detailed Design

Design support is offered from the Conceptual stages up to the Detailed Drafting of Engineering Drawings using appropriate ( CATIA, UGS, Solid Modelling, etc ) Software.



Simulation and Modelling

Modelling of structures via the use of Finite ( FEM )and Boundary Element ( BEM )  methods. Use of standard tools for Modelling (I-DEAS, PATRAN/NASTRAN, ANSYS, RAYON, etc).  Simulation of mechanical behaviour and loading environment. 


For example, the Structural and Acoustic models of a Vehicle or Washing machine can be constructed and the combination of these two models would provide a  Vibro-Acoustic model that predicts both Vibration and Acoustic behaviour during service. The in service working environment input loads that the structure under consideration must be able to withstand can also be modelled in terms of certain mathematical functions.



Predictive Analysis

Solution of the Simulation models and derivation of  analysis predictions  of the structural behaviour under distinct in service loading environments (Static, Dynamic, Crash-Shock, Vibro-Acoustic Response, etc). Effectively the inherent mechanics ( stiffness and strength ) and the  mechanical behaviour of the modelled structure under its operating environments can be predicted. 


The inherent Dynamics of a Vehicle can be predicted in terms of Normal Vibration Mode characteristics (Resonant frequencies, Mode Shapes, Damping, Generalised Parameters) while its inherent Statics can  be predicted in terms of  unit static loads applied at specific locations.


Predictive response analysis of the structure mechanics derived under the realistic environment loads can be used to assess the feasibility of the current Design. If  stiffness (Natural Frequencies) and strength (Stresses) problems are identified, a revision of the Design is possible to avoid defective products. The existing models are thus usable as Virtual Prototypes in the Design Assessment work.   



Test for Product Characterisation

A portfolio of specific Dynamic ( Modal, Operational, Vibration, Shock, Release, etc ) and Static ( Stiffness, Strength, Fracture, etc ) tests can be performed on new Design Prototype structures. These tests aim to measure the structural behaviour of the test piece.


 The measured properties are then used  to verify and if necessary update the predictive quality of the existing models of the test piece. This verification of the models is an essential requirement for them to be "trustworthy" for use in further Predictive analysis and Design changes.



Model Correlation and Updating

The work involved in this area is possibly the most crucial in the whole CAD / CAE process of a new product development. Once Mathematical Model Simulations and Response Predictions are available they can be used as Virtual Prototypes to help  Optimise the Design of the product and accelerate its introduction to the market before the competition product gets there. It is a fact of life that even the combination of State of the Art of computers and highly trained Analysts does not eliminate the need for mathematical model verification and Correction or Updating.


This so called Model Updating process is based on comparisons (Correlation) of the Model Predicted Responses with those Measured from Tests. Based on the Correlation results an Updating of the model is requested. This Updating can be a time consuming and experience demanding process. The precisely Updated model can however be used as a Virtual Prototype which then used to Optimise the Design and eliminate structural failures and sub-standard performance without having to resort to the construction of many expensive and time consuming Physical Prototypes.


Test for Product Qualification

PROTOS can support their clients over the whole or distinct stages of the Product Qualification Process. The client could for example provide PROTOS with the Engineering Drawings of the structure and possibly any available Prototype(s). PROTOS could then carry out the various tasks involved in the CAD/CAE qualification of the new product and return to the client the updated and optimised Design that is guaranteed to produce a structure that will survive its operating environments and will provide an optimum Mechanico - Acoustic performance during its service life.

We Can Help with :

Static Stiffness and Strength Tests

Vibration (Measurement, Analysis and Diagnostics)

Noise (Measurement, Analysis and Diagnostics)

Vibration Trouble-Shooting


Modal Testing

Ground Vibration Testing (GVT)

Vibration Testing

Shock Testing

Operational Testing

Non-Destructive Damage Detection

Structural Health Monitoring

Damage Prognosis

Sound Quality

Noise Source Identification


 Squeak and Rattle

Calibration ( Sensor and Equipment )

End-of-line Product Testing

 Measurement of Material Mechanical  (Stiffness and Damping properties)

Model Correlation and Updating (Sensitivity Analysis and Constrained Optimisation)

Product Design Qualification

Product Optimisation

Technology Transfer

Acoustic Test of DMDP Satellite Antena

Grounded Condition Modal Test of ASCAT Satellite Antena

Micro-vibration Test Campaign of ARTEMIS Satellite Engineering Model for EADS-CASA Espacio / ALENIA

Modal Test on Automotive Engine Bracket

Vibration Test of Cellphone

Noise Source Detection Test ( Acoustic Holography ) Test on Vehicle Engine Compartment

Sound Quality Test on Vehicle Component

Satellite Antenna Stiffness and Damping Measurements in Simulated Vacuum for EADS-CASA Espacio / ESA ( Project LARDAL )

Finite Element Model ( FEM ) of Satellite Antenna









Predicted FEM Normal Mode Shape of Satellite Antenna

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